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Have You Ever Heard of Dating for Dummies

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Have you ever heard of Dating for Dummies? How about Online Dating for Dummies? Let's face it; there is a dummy book for everything. Some of those things are worthwhile and some of them definitely are not. But if there is one thing that will help determine your true happiness on this earth, it is finding that someone special – that soul mate – to share your life with.
Fortunately or unfortunately, finding that person never really happens like it does in the movies. You have to date in order to find him or her. And dating can be hard. And stressful. And annoying. And complicated. So, if ever there was a need for a dummy book, this is it. Have you ever heard of Dating for Dummies? If not,it is time you checked it out.

Have You Ever Heard of Dating for Dummies
Have You Ever Heard of Dating for Dummies []

Dating for Dummies can help you overcome some of the difficulties many of us face when going out on that all-important first date. Filled with advice about how to relax, how to make pleasant conversation, and how to have fun even under what can be a stressful situation can all be discovered in Dating for Dummies.

Of course, even though some first dates never result in a second one, sometimes, they do, of course. And then it becomes even more important to present yourself in your best light. Dating for Dummies has a way of cutting through all the dumb stuff. It can help you; if you have trouble getting your potential partner to see your potential, it may not be your personality; it may just be your dating style. This amazing little book can help you overcome your dating downfalls.

Do you know what you should talk about when you are on a date? How about what topics are forbidden? Have you ever heard of Dating for Dummies? It can help you with your conversation skills.

Do you know what to wear on your first date or subsequent dates? Do you tend to look matronly or a tad too “friendly?” Neither one is good. He may like looking at it for a little while, but… Men, do you show up in a t-shirt and jeans? Do you know what that says to a woman? Again, "Have you ever heard of Dating for Dummies"? It can help you present yourself in the best possible wardrobe.

Do you tend to ramble and babble on and on about the most insignificant things while your date's eyes roam about the restaurant? Do you know the signs that indicate your date is interested in you? Do you know how to tell if he is bored by your discussion of your boss's annoying quirks? All of these concerns and more can be discovered easily. Have you ever heard of Dating for Dummies? It is the ultimate resource for fixing your broken dating life or jumpstarting your boring one or getting you started on one after a long hiatus.

How To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

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How To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life. If there is anything that annoys more cell phone users it is loosing battery power while you are on the phone. This has happened to nearly everybody, and at least once it caught you by complete surprise. When you are running a cell phone as powerful as the iPhone, it is easy to understand why the battery power begins to drain. When you are listening to your favorite song, checking your email and text messaging several friends at once, you are requiring a lot of the cell phones' power. Thus, you will begin to drain your cell phone of battery life quicker than you thought.

How to extend your iPhone battery life
How to extend your iPhone battery life

Even though, on the Apple website, they clearly explain the battery life expectations, they only include the information if you are running one application at a time. However, if iPhone users are known for anything, it is for their ability to multitask. Yet, multitasking means a shorter battery life.

However, there are several things that you can do to make your iPhone's battery life even longer. Of course, the iPhone isn't known for draining its battery extremely quick, there is always room for a prolonged battery performance. If you follow these tips, than you will have an iPhone that lasts you longer than you could even imagine. Perhaps the best tip that anyone with an iPhone can follow is to simply turn off your Bluetooth if you are not using it. Very little people understand that when you keep your Bluetooth turned on, when you are not using it, you are draining your battery.

This is because there is a set amount of power that is controlled by the Bluetooth section of your iPhone, and the power is draining because the phone is constantly searching for other Bluetooth devices. If you do not want to pair with a Bluetooth device, than make sure that your Bluetooth is turned off.

Another tip to making your battery life on your iPhone last longer is to always lock your iPhone when you are done using it. When you are finished talking on the phone with your best friend, checking your e-mail or sending a text message, make sure that you activate the lock button. Many people wait for the screen to shut down by itself after they are using it, while this may seem like a great idea, you are wasting battery life by doing so. Also, make sure that you set your auto-lock because this is a great way to ensure your phone will lock itself just in case you forget to. There are many iPhone owners that set their auto lock for five minutes after use.

However, if you multiply this five minutes of power usage by ten times per day, your battery will not last you as long as you might think. This is why it is always suggested that you set your auto lock for one minute (1) after you have completed using your phone. This will ensure that the iPhone screen will not stay lit when it is not being used. If you want to have a hassle-free way to save battery life, than this is the way to do it. Goodluck.

How to Use Articles as Blog Postings

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How to Use Articles as Blog Postings. Do you write your own articles? If so, you may add these articles to your website as content. Did you know there is more that you can do with them? There is. You can use these articles as blog postings as well.

In addition to writing your own articles, you can also outsource the writing. Outsourced articles are articles that you paid another writer to compose for you. Since you want to get the most value for your money, you may be wondering what you can do with those outsourced articles. You do have a number of different options, but you should closely examine blog postings.
How to Use Articles as Blog Postings
How to Use Articles as Blog Postings

As nice as it is to hear that you can use articles you wrote or outsourced on a blog, you may be looking for more information. Why should you do so? How is the best way to get started?

In terms of why, blogs are increasing in popularity. More people are starting to write them and more people are starting to read them. Are you a webmaster who sells a product or relies on income generated from advertisements and affiliate programs? Do you currently have a blog that accompanies your website? If not, you should. Blogs can be used as an internet marketing tool.

In addition to accompanying a niche website, blogs can make money on their own. There a numerous pay for post companies online. This is where you write a blog post around the product or company that you are assigned to. You can also make money through with the use of advertisements and affiliate programs. Typically, it is recommended that you sell a product through a website, but you can list your product or service available for sale through a blog as well.

Now that you know why you should have a blog or how you can make money through one, you may be curious how articles come into play. Some of the most popular blogs on the internet get updated multiple times a day. On that same note, these are often professional bloggers. If you want to make money blogging, but don't have the time to write each of your blog posts or update on a daily basis, you can outsource the writing. However, if you have the time to write your own blog posts, do so.

When outsourcing writing for a blog, many wonder what approach they should take. Should you inform writers of the blog or should you request traditional articles? The decision is yours to make, but you may have better luck with ordering articles. Articles are longer than blog postings. This means that you can divide an article into two, three, or even four different blog posts. For your blog titles, simply just label them as being Part 1, Part 2, and so forth. This approach gets you a better value for your money.

As previously stated, you can create a blog that accompanies an existing website. If that is the case, make sure the two themes match up. For example, if your website sells computer software, have your blog focus on the same subject. Blog postings can outline tips to shop for computer software, the importance of comparing prices, and popular software programs can be reviewed. After each blog posting, you will want to create a link to your website. If readers like what you have to say, they may visit your website to see what you have available for sale.

On the other hand, if you are looking to make money through blogging, by way of advertisements and affiliate programs, you can use any articles that you want. With that said, blogs that have one specific theme tend the work the best. Your income potential increases when you have targeted advertisements on your website. Targeted ads are difficult to come by if you cover a wide range of topics. So, stick with a theme, but remember that you can create as many blogs as you want.

One question that many have is hosting. There are a number of free blogging companies online. Blogger and Wordpress are the two most popular. Wordpress is nice, but you are not allowed to display advertisements when using a free blog. This means that you must purchase a web hosting plan and host your blog elsewhere. If you want to use blogging as a way to generate traffic to your website, a free blog from Blogger may be okay.

Why Some People Fear Internet Banking

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Why Some People Fear Internet Banking. Some people could not be happier with internet banking. Others fear it and want no part of it. Sometimes these people will give you reasons for their fears. Other times, they will just say they do not like it and leave it at that.
Why Some People Fear Internet Banking
Why Some People Fear Internet Banking

Some people are simply shy. They do not want to even get on the internet, much less do internet banking. These people often see the internet as a vast community of people that do not know them. Perhaps this is more alarming to those who have grown up in tight-knit communities.

At any rate, shy people will avoid internet banking because they feel embarrassed about what they are doing. It is not that they are doing anything wrong. It is just that they feel scrutinized by a larger group of people than they would at their local bank.

If these people can understand that their internet banking transactions are their own private business, they will be less alarmed. If they can see that the internet is not a tool to make them feel embarrassed, they can begin to get comfortable with it. Some of these people eventually overcome their fears and become the most avid internet banking customers.

Other people are afraid that using their computer for internet banking will lead them to obsess over money. They feel that if the information is available to them at all times, they will have a hard time ignoring it. They think they will be consumed about every little thing that is happening with their account.

Some people may actually have this problem at first. The answer is to set limits on your internet banking time. Do not check over your account more than once a day unless you have a very good reason to do so. Take time to write out what those reasons would be limited to, and then stick to it. Eventually, the new will wear off and reasonable internet banking use will prevail.

One fear is that internet banking will lead the person to deal in a paperless business environment. They fear that if they do not have written proof of transactions, they will lose the ability to prove anything. They want the control a piece of paper seems to give them.

The truth is that internet banking does not have to be completely paperless. For those who want a paper trail, it is easy to construct one. You can print off transactions. You can keep ATM and debit receipts. You can print off a monthly statement. You can even print off a copy of a given check, in most cases.

Most people have some fears about internet banking security. Indeed it is a difficult business keeping up with those who would break into the virtual vaults. However, with encryption, firewalls, and other forms of security, banks are making internet banking fairly secure. They are constantly working to better security too.

It is good if fears about internet banking can be overcome. Internet banking is a useful tool to make life easier for those who employ it. If you are hesitating about starting an internet banking account, be courageous and give it a try.

3 Websites for Your iPhone

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3 Websites for Your iPhone. You have seen all of the ads. The Apple iPhone is one of the few phones that are truly internet friendly. There are many places to visit with a mobile phone, but depending on your phone and connection speeds, you may be seriously disappointed. The iPhone has revolutionized how we access the internet with our cell phones. If you don't believe this, just take a look at how many websites offer iPhone content. There are a number of really good websites for your iPhone. The ones listed below are just a few of them.

Facebook is a website that seems to have been designed for an iPhone. There are many mobile applications available for free downloading on Facebook. A visit to this website via your Apple iPhone will allow you to share photos, thoughts, ideas, and more with your entire social network. Online social networking websites are becoming more popular everyday. If you do not believe this just look at how many new Facebook and MySpace accounts are opened everyday. This is not just for children. With Facebook and an iPhone, you can stay in touch with your teenagers. It's easy to keep tabs on them if you have them list you as a friend in their Facebook profile. This way with a few taps of the screen, you can see who their friends are. You will know where they are going and what they are doing because you can easily ask them. This is one way to make websites for your iPhone work for you.

3 Websites for Your iPhone
Facebook images;

Another website for your iPhone is YouTube. The movies and other items available for download on YouTube are iPhone compatible. You do not need a converter application to download and view content from YouTube on your iPhone. YouTube and Apple have worked together on this so that with your iPhone your access to the fun on YouTube is quick and easy. This comes in handy when you are on a trip or away from your computer and boredom is setting in. YouTube has a lot to offer. From the funny to the absurd to things of a more serious nature, you can always find something there to entertain you. Have bored kids in the back of the car? Hand them YouTube on your iPhone and let them watch short clips from the Muppet Show. Sitting in a waiting room for what seems like an eternity? Why not check out the content on YouTube and other websites to keep you from being bored to tears. After all, it is much better than just sitting there listening to your hair grow.

3 Websites for Your iPhone

Another website that is a must visit for Apple iPhone users is iTunes. This is where you can download a plethora of content for your iPhone. With what seems like an endless supply of movies, TV shows, eBooks and music, you could literally spend days searching and downloading everything that appealed to you. This is how iTunes and other websites for your iPhone help keep you entertained.

3 Websites for Your iPhone

These are just three of the most popular websites for your iPhone. The great thing about this is that you can access them via your Apple iPhone or with your PC or MAC. How about that for easy access. Has the iPhone revolutionized the communication industry? Perhaps not single-handedly but it sure has contributed to it.

Amazing Loading Page Effect With jQuery

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Amazing Loading Page Effect With jQuery. Hello On this occasion i will share a trick how to make or install the page loading effect with CSS3 Animations and also jQuery on your blog page.
Besides making your blog or website becomes more attractive, the animated page loading can also increase the speed of loading your blog or website becomes faster than before.
And if you want to install it on your own blog or website, please follow the steps below.

Amazing Loading Page Effect With jQuery
Amazing Loading Page Effect With jQuery

Let's start to add the amazing loading page :

Step 1: Login to your blogger panel admin
Step 2: Click On Template » Edit HTML
Step 3: Add this css code just before the code </head>

#cabon-loading {
position: fixed;
z-index: 50;
top: 0; 
left: 0;
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
background: rgba(0,0,0,.5)url( center center;
line-height: 350px;
text-align: center;
font-size: 36px;
color: #fff;
text-indent: -9999px;
.CABON #cabon-loading { display: none; } 
@media only screen and (device-width: 768px) { 
#loading { position:absolute; width:1040px; min-height:768px; }
#cabon-progress-bar {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;
background: #de1301;
opacity: 0.8;
width: 0;
height: 5px;
#cabon-loader { height: 100%; display: none; }

Step 4: Find this code <body> using Ctrl+F then add the following code after the code <body>

<div id='cabon-loading'><div id='cabon-progress-bar'></div><div id='cabon-loader'></div></div> 

Step 5: Add the following jQuery code just above the code </body>

<script type='text/javascript'>
(function($){ $("html").removeClass("CABON"); $("#header").ready(function(){ $("#cabon-progress-bar").stop().animate({ width: "25%" },1500) }); $("#footer").ready(function(){ $("#cabon-progress-bar").stop().animate({ width: "75%" },1500) }); $(window).load(function(){ $("#cabon-progress-bar").stop().animate({ width: "100%" },600,function(){ $("#cabon-loading").fadeOut("fast",function(){ $(this).remove(); }); }); }); })(jQuery); 

Step 6: Last step and save the template, see the results and good luck.

Sample Images Loading Page





5 Tips And Tricks For Your iPad

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5 Tips And Tricks For Your iPad. Anyone with half a brain can use iPad at its basic level. Well, iPad, in fact, is very basic, even 2-year old kids can work well with it. There's no such thing as learning curve, and definitely, if you have used an iPhone before, using an iPad for the first time is a day at the beach. It is made to be that way.

5 Tips And Tricks For Your iPad
5 Tips And Tricks For Your iPad

But still, even when things have already been simplified by Apple for you, there are still some things about iPad use that may take time before you know.

Here are 5 Tips and Tricks for you:

Soft Reset

Apple's iPad does not necessarily come with an insurance that it will perform the same way it did the first time you bought it. Although there are no moving parts in the device, which generally means the device deteriorates very slowly if at all. There are still some risks though that some of its parts may not function in the long run. In case something goes awry with iPad, you can always find consolation in its Soft Reset function.

Soft Reset comes in very handy when the system freezes. It can be performed by just holding the top or power button simultaneously with the front or Home button for a couple of seconds. This will force your device to restart. Not happy with how an app is working and want to force quit it? Hold the Home button the same way, this time without holding the power button, and the device will exit any running app.

Cut- and Copy-Pasting

It's a pain to copy long texts on iPad so Apple created an easy solution that will let you copy an entire paragraph without necessary stretching the blue knobs that appear on your screen. To do this, tap any text four times and this will highlight the entire paragraph. This trick can be done only though if you are copying an editable text. Otherwise, you're stumped.

Importing Free eBooks

There are still some free things in this world. Free eBooks on Apple's iBooks for example. If you want to download old books that have fallen out of copyright, you'll find that there is an extensive collection of free eBooks downloadable on iPad. So long as you stick to the classics, you're a happy man with iBooks.

Easy Mute

When embarrassing moments are on the horizon because you frequently forget to turn off the volume of your multimedia device, you'll find that iPad gives you a break. It has an easy mute function that allows you to automatically turn the volume off. For two seconds, press the volume down and you'll have peace and quiet back.

Supersized Screenshots

Now the screenshot of your driving simulator would look more like a windshield than a tiny keyhole. Take giant screenshots on your iPad by holding the power and home buttons simultaneously for half a second.

Bringing the Virtual Keyboard Back

Switching between keyboards – real and virtual keyboards – is not as hard as many people confess. You only have to hit the eject key on the real, physical keyboard to bring the virtual one up.